Founded in 1973 



     God called Rev. Charles Alford to be a Pastor in 1974. That year he became the founder and senior pastor of “Faith Deliverance Pentecostal Church”. For over thirty-one years he and Patricia have ministered in the Columbia City corridor in Seattle, WA, and in Burien, WA., at the Burien Community Center.
     Rev. Alford passed away in 2017 at the age of 82 years old. Mother First Lady Patricia his wife continues with the church's message of faith, dedication, and love, knowing all the fruits of the spirit begin with an undying love for Jesus Christ.
The missionary ministry is overseen by Mother First Lady Alford, and lead by Stephanie Alford and Minister Kenneth Marshall.
Missionary & congregation  services.
 In honor of Rev. Charles and Patricia Alford's love and compassion for the Columbia City Community and the Burien Community where the church was located from 1974-2005. Faith Deliverance Pentecostal Church is pledging to be an ongoing fiscal sponsor for public and faith-based organizations, communities services and church auxiliaries. The church has been a Non-Profit tax-exempt organization since it's conception in 1973.



Annual Church Youth and Adult PIcnic!!!


     If your company is primarily looking to support your group’s fundraising efforts, Basic Fiscal Sponsorship may be all you need. It’s a good solution for groups that want to do a few small projects over a specified period of time or for groups with longer-term programming that are comfortable doing their own tax reporting and general financial management.
     Through our Basic service, Accounts for eligible non-cash donations made to your group or project Assists with the preparation of financial and administrative documentation required by donors and funders Issues 1099 tax forms for contracted personnel as required by the IRS Contributions can be received online (via credit card), by check, or by cash, and maybe one-off or recurring. and foundations.
     *Contributed income refers solely to income that has been donated or granted and is charitable in intent. Under F.D.P.C. Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Service, any earned income (revenue generated by admissions, merchandise, concessions, memberships, workshop fees, etc.) remains the responsibility of the group and cannot be directed through F.D.P.C.
     Are we eligible for Basic Fiscal Sponsorship? Through our Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Service. Are aligned with F.D.P.C. mission Are based in Washington State Have a clear public benefit and public outcome* Assume a non-profit business model** Budget for a minimum of $1,500 in contributed income *  
     Because donations to fiscally sponsored groups and projects are tax-deductible, groups and projects must add value to the public or community in some way. Public benefit is broadly defined and public outcomes can include performances, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, artist talks, festivals, behind-the-scenes tours, open rehearsals, or any other public offering.**Where all other eligibility criterion is met, F.D.P.C can sponsor specific programs or projects of an LLC’s work, as long as they are clearly non-profit in purpose and distinct from the organization’s other for-profit activities What does Basic Fiscal Sponsorship cost?
     Following is a list of all fees and charges applicable to F.D.P.C. fiscal sponsorship program: Entering the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Service Application Fee: All applications to F.D.P.C.’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program incur a $25† non-refundable Application Fee, payable at the time of application. Establishment Fee: Under the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Program, once your group or organization is accepted into the program, you pay a one-time Establishment Fee of $100†. 

     Ongoing Service Fees Service Fees: Once we get you up and running, groups in the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Program pay a Service Fee of 7% on all contributions and grants received by F.D.P.C. Maintenance Fee: To maintain your account after the first year of sponsorship, groups in the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Program pay an annual Maintenance Fee of $100†. Maintenance Fees are charged annually on the anniversary of your fiscal sponsorship agreement with F.D.P.C. Merchant Fees: All merchant fees directly attributable to income received on behalf of your fiscally sponsored group or project will be passed on to you.
     Payments can be made via cash, check, or credit card (A 2.5% fee will be applied to credit card transactions) Leaving the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Service* Close-Out Fees: Groups in the Basic Fiscal Sponsorship Service pay a one-time Close-Out Fee of $25† when closing their account with F.D.P.C.
     On the anniversary of your contract renewal date, you will be asked to provide F.D.P.C. with up-to-date information on your group, its public activities, and financial plans. This information helps us to assess the ongoing viability of your group and make any recommendations to assist your group in its ongoing development.
     Groups not providing this information by the date specified by F.D.P.C. will not have their fiscal sponsorship account renewed and F.D.P.C. can no longer accept contributions on their behalf. What are the F.D.P.C. application, agreement, and renewal timelines?
     Successful applicants who apply on March 1 will generally be contracted by the end of April and required to pay their annual Maintenance Fee by April 30 of the following year. Successful applicants who apply on June 1 will generally be contracted by the end of July and required to pay their annual Maintenance Fee by July 31 of the following year.
     Successful applicants who apply on September 1. will generally be contracted by the end of October and required to pay their annual Maintenance Fee by October 31 of the following year. Successful applicants who apply on December 1 will generally be contracted by the end of January and required to pay their annual Maintenance Fee by January 31 of the following year.
     Ready to Apply? On the sponsorship page.Afterward, please remit your Application Fee once you have completed the above application materials: Fiscal Sponsorship Application Fee Page.



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